Healing with healer treated cotton

There is some evidence that energy healers can “energize” water or cotton, and then the treated water or treated cotton can be used for healing (Benor).  For example, healer Peter E. Chapman first read about the use of cotton in energy healing in Dolores Krieger’s book, Therapeutic Touch.  He reports that he ‘treated’ some cotton pads and gave them to a friend whose child had osteomyelitis of the finger.  The finger was wrapped with the treated pads.  Chapman reports that he has used treated cotton pads successfully with many healings.

Healer Paulina Baume became curious about the use of treated cotton in healing.  So she and her healing group practiced energizing cotton wool.  They found that painful ulcers and arthritic joints, healing bones and tissues responded to the treated cotton wool with lessening of client symptoms.  A particularly dramatic case was with a heavy smoker, who was able to quit smoking with the help of the treated cotton.  Puzzling to her were the cases which did not respond, which she attributes to  differences in the way that the cotton was energized:  whether the healer was holding the cotton or blessing the cotton without touching it.

I did two cotton experiments with Dr. Bengston.  In these experiments, Dr. Bengston treated or energized the cotton and then mailed the cotton to me.  I gave the cotton to two clients who placed the healer-treated cotton on or near to their bodies while I recorded MF activity in the room where they were resting.

One case was quite dramatic:  The client presented with stress and abdominal pain, which subsided during the treatment.  Large-amplitude magnetic field oscillations (see figure below) developed quickly in this session, and extended well beyond the session.  Note the jagged waves at 110 minutes.  I have observed jagged waves in situations where people are stressed or have negative emotions.  I almost never see this type of wave when a healer is present, so the jagged waves in this session seem to be a direct reflection of the client’s stress.  With a healer present in the room, the low-frequency waves tend to be smoother and less jagged.  The treated cotton seems to provide an energizing or catalyzing effect, leading to self-healing in the client, but without the smoothing effect of the healer’s vibrations.

The second case was complicated by other vibrations in the immediate environment.  And, in this case, the client did not feel any noticeable effect with the cotton (a negative result).