Quantum Light Clearing Workshops: Student Clearings

I recorded low-frequency (0 – 40Hz) magnetic field (MF) activity at a Quantum Light Clearing Workshop, Level 2, in October, 2015.  The magnetometers were located on either side of the teacher, LaOta Rassoull, who sat at the front of the class, with the class seated in a circle facing her.  During the student attunements on Friday, and the student clearings on Sunday, individual students sat in a chair near to, or between, the magnetometers.

MF activity was rather quiet and low-amplitude throughout the day on both Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday, the MF activity showed sustained, high-amplitude MF oscillations, associated with the student clearings.

The figure below gives a snapshot of MF activity at different timepoints on Sunday.  Each line represents 20 seconds of MF activity recorded by the magnetometer on the right side of LaOta.  In the first hour of class (30 and 60 minutes in figure below), the MF activity was quiet as LaOta led students in chanting of the Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian healing practice.  Then, for the next three hours, individual students came up one-by-one and sat at the front of the class near to LaOta for a “clearing”.  The clearing process involved the student describing a difficulty in their life which they needed help with, and then the class mentally clearing a path for the student, helping to resolve the difficulty.  Difficulties included: a house foreclosure, obtaining a visa for travel to another country, court cases, and deciding between job offers.


At the beginning of the student clearings (90 minutes in figure above), MF intensity increased in a stepwise fashion.  MF oscillations (represented by the thick lines at 120, 150, 180, 210 and 240 minutes) began at 1-hour and 15-minutes, and increased in amplitude, continuing throughout the student clearings.

The MF oscillations and buildup in MF activity during the student clearings was similar to the MF activity that I have observed during energy healing sessions. So, the clearings may be understood as a ‘healing’ of difficulties in the students’ lives.  The students worked as a group clearing a path for each individual student.  The group focus and student engagement in the clearing process was palpable to me and may be what is being measured by the magnetometers.

With spectral analysis (Fast Fourier Transform) of the MF activity in the room, I can detect MF peak frequencies in the 0 – 500 Hz range. On Friday, the peak frequencies during the student attunements ranged from 86 to 126Hz.  On Saturday, the peak frequencies ranged from 100 to 169Hz, and on Sunday during the student clearings, from 31 to 98Hz.  I am not sure what these frequencies mean.  EEG frequencies in the human brain vary with different states of consciousness.  Perhaps these frequencies reflect the cognitive and emotional content of the class at different stages in the workshop?

After decades of study, researcher/author Paul Devereux in his epilogue of Shamanism and the Mystery Lines, concludes that landscape lines, leys, alignments are, “in essence simply traces of an effect of the human central nervous system transferred to the land”.  With my magnetometers, I feel like I am picking up traces of human emotions and consciousness transferred to the space around us.  The important thing is learning how we can become shaman, positively affecting the space around us.

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