Anomalous Light Flashes during Healing and Indoors

In a few Healing Touch sessions, I noticed a brief light flash in my mind’s eye while focusing intently on healing a particular area of a client’s body. For example, while focusing on a cyst beneath a client’s thumbnail, I saw a brief light flash and ‘knew’ that healing had occurred, that I was finished with the healing.  The client reported back that the cyst had decreased in size.

I started to look for reports of anomalous light flashes during healing and during other human activities.

In a survey of Healing Touch practitioners (n=108, Moga, 2017), 3% of respondents reported a brief light flash during healing “all the time”, 19% “often” see a light flash, 23% “sometimes” see a light flash, 22% “a few times”, and 33% “never”. So, in this small convenience sample, a majority of HT practitioners were familiar with light flashes occurring during healing sessions.

Edward “Terry” Ross, a dowser-healer and author of The Healing Mind, frequently told his clients that they may see a light flash or lights, either in a pinpoint or sheet lightning form, as a sign that healing was on its way. One of his clients reported that, “at 2:30 a.m., my husband and I were awake and all of a sudden this marvelous, unfocused light lit up the whole room…definitely not a headlight or flashlight, because it was not focused at all and spread…lasted four or five seconds, and then disappeared.”

A similar description can be found in the Physics Forum blog, but instead of healing, it is a couple in their bedroom who see anomalous light flashes at night:

“…light flashes in the bedroom…my fiancee and [I] have seen them at the same time and while each other has been asleep. The flash is very brief and only once. No definable shape or origin, rather a blanket of light that illuminates the room…It has happened in two separate houses that we have lived in, both isolated from outside lights, street, traffic, any obvious external lights sources. The light source is within the room.  On the occasions that we have seen it with our eyes open, it is clearly casting shadow on the inside of the blinds, and not emanating from outside…The flash is white, never accompanied by any audible sound, nor sense of electrical or static charge/discharge, nor any scent or smell…I do not associate it with any paranormal or supernatural activity…”

Some other examples on the Physics Forum blog and elsewhere on the internet:

“I saw a flash of light in what looked like a ball shape down towards my feet at the end of my bed…about three feet from the ground and near my closet door, and it was bright enough to light up my wall.”

“I noticed a very quick bright white flash above my loveseat in my living room area. Kinda shocked me for a few seconds. I stood still trying to figure it out. The area was too far from my window.”

“…four of us had just finished watching a movie. As the credits rolled we started chatting when a flash of light manifested itself in the center of the room but close to the ceiling. My focus was on the TV which is mounted to the wall…so as this flash happened I was in full view of it…two others only saw it in their periphery. Now at the time of the flash, no lights were on and it was approximately 10:30pm so it was dark outside and the TV cannot put out that kind of intense light.”

“As I move from the bedroom to the hallway (I’m on wood floors) a brilliant shaft of light totally engulfs me – brightest white you can imagine. In the time it take for the foot to fall in the hallway – it’s over. Not only did I think I was probably dead, I was very much surprised about the total “lack” of physical impact it had. Much brighter than a photo flash – but zero effect on the retina. No indication of any heat or electrical force field felt. No fear felt as well.”

So, anomalous light flashes in the bedroom and other indoor rooms are not unheard of. What could be the scientific explanation?  In a previous blog, I mentioned a light flash which occurred at a Monroe Institute Guidelines program, where the student group energy was very strong.  At the time, I was recording low-frequency magnetic field activity about 4 – 10 feet away.  The light flash occurred during a period when magnetic field activity was very high – there were high-amplitude magnetic field waves in the room.

I hypothesize that these light flashes are associated with magnetic field activity generated by a charge-discharge phenomenon (more about this in future blogs). The light flash seems to occur when the ‘charge’ reaches its peak, as evidenced by the high-amplitude MF oscillations.  After the light flash and ‘discharge’, the MF activity in the room quiets down.

How to test this? In future experiments, I will try capturing these anomalous light flashes with a photometer hooked up to a laptop, in addition to the Hall-type magnetometer that I routinely use to study bioenergetic phenomena.

4 thoughts on “Anomalous Light Flashes during Healing and Indoors”

  1. I have video of light orbs moving thru my room. I am a Qi Gong practitioner and these orbs appear when I put my Qi into something. Would you like to see these videos? I would love to measure the strength of my Qi and have it all documented and verified. I would love to study this full time with the help of a school. Any direction is appreciated.

  2. Today my partner and I were at a woman’s house to see if we would make a good fit as her roommates. While we were all talking in her living room, I saw a small yet bright flash of white light come from the floor closest to her tv. The flash was whiteish blue, and very compact—around the size of a baseball. As soon as I turned to look at it, it was gone and no one else noticed it. At first I thought I imagined it, but I saw it plain as day—a ball of light appear on the floor a few feet away from me and then suddenly disappear. The woman said the house was over a hundred years old, so I’m guessing that a long time resident decided to sit in on our conversation.

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