Extra-dimensions in healing

Like many healers, I have a sense that the information I receive and work with during a healing session, (e.g., images, lights, where to put my hands) exists in a ‘higher dimension’ or dimensions; and that the spiritual Guides, deceased loved ones and subtle anatomy of the body, all reside within those higher dimensions.  This is an old idea!  Paul Halpern in his excellent essay, Spiritual Hyperplane, notes that physicists in the late 19th century proposed that spiritual/occult/mystical phenomena may arise from the 4th Dimension.  As physics developed in the 20th century, a 5th Dimension became plausible, and with this advance, spiritualists and mystics turned to the 5th dimension as the realm of psychic insight.

Extra-dimensions, or higher dimensions, have been proposed as a mechanism underlying a variety of spiritual and paranormal phenomena (Violette, 2001).  According to Violette, psychic phenomena are “hints and clues that we live in a larger [multidimensional] reality”.

Nowadays physicists use the term, “extra-dimensions” to describe additional space or time dimensions beyond the 3D space + 1D time of observed space-time.  Extra-dimensions are important in physics because they help explain the “hierarchy problem”.  A hierarchy problem occurs when the predicted, theoretical value of some physical parameter is different from the value that is actually measured in an experiment. In particle physics, the most important hierarchy problem is why gravity is weak compared to the other forces.   In the Standard Model, there are four fundamental forces of physics:  Gravity, Weak, Electromagnetic and Strong (Hughes, 2005).  The Weak, Electromagnetic and Strong forces are 1024 to 1037 times greater than gravity, so gravity is an anomaly.  How to explain the weak gravitational force when our senses and measurements tell us that it is large?  Recent theories, for example the ADD and Randall-Sundrum models, predict that gravity is weak because there is a loss of flux to the extra dimensions.  The hierarchy problem is solved if we add a fifth dimension to space-time.  Some physics theories, notably String Theory, suggest that there may be even more extra-dimensions, anywhere from 10-26 dimensions in space-time.

How do we measure or detect extra-dimensions?  One way is to compare gravitational waves (GWs) and electromagnetic waves (EMWs) from the same source.  For example, supernovas produce both gravitational waves and various electromagnetic waves (e.g., photons, cosmic waves).  Extra-dimensional theories predict that the GWs will reach the Earth sooner than EMWs from the same source (Hao et al., 2019).  That is because the propagation paths of GWs and EMWs are different.  According to the Schwarzschild-anti-de Sitter space-time model, gravitons or gravitational waves can propagate in the infinite and warped (bulk) space-time of the fifth dimension, but photons are confined on a three-brane (i.e., ordinary space-time).  Here is a figure illustrating this concept from the universe-review.ca website:

This has implications for healing.  Extra-dimensions in healing may account for the nonlocal effect in distant healing.  The nonlocal effect may occur via the fifth dimension (or higher), whereas the local magnetic field changes (Moga and Bengston, 2010) where the healee is located, would occur in the three-brane.  My hypothesis is that an electromagnetic wave or reverberation occurs in the 3-D world when the higher dimensions are accessed.  There is a ‘wake’ as the portal to higher dimensions is open and active.  Potentially we can detect multidimensional energy fluxes by measuring electromagnetic “signatures” at the site of higher dimensional interactions, such as occurs in energy healing or remote viewing. Extra-dimensions in healing may lead to new discoveries in the extra-dimensional realms of physics and biology.


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