A subatomic theory of energy healing

Yuri Kronn PhD was a Russian physicist trained in nonlinear optics who became interested in energy healing after meeting gifted healers in Russia, including Nina Kulagina.  After coming to America, he and his wife founded the company, Vital Force Technology, which develops and markets subtle energy technology and products.  In his recent posthumous book, The Science of Subtle Energy, he proposes that energy healing has a subatomic basis, and “follows laws fundamentally different from those governing the energies known to our science”.

Kronn cites the work of healer/researcher Dr. Yan Xin, who was able to significantly alter the decay rate of a radioactive element Am-241 (Yan et al., 2002) .  Strong electric and magnetic fields cannot alter radioactive decay rate.  According to mainstream science, the decay rate of a radioactive substance is governed by the weak force, one of the four fundamental forces in science (electromagnetic, gravitational, strong and weak).  This suggests that subtle energy, or Qi, is able to alter the weak force which acts within the subatomic nucleus of an atom.

In a previous blog, I cited the work of Benford and Arnold (1997), who proposed a biological nuclear reaction (subatomic) occurring during Spontaneous Human Combustion.  So Kronn’s idea of a subatomic basis for energy healing made sense to me, but he does not develop this idea in any depth.  Instead, he delves into the remote viewing of atoms by Leadbeter and Besant (1950), speculating that atoms act as conduits for subtle energy.  What interests me is that a subatomic theory of energy healing and consciousness could be tested by measuring particle emission during energy healing and deep meditative states such as kundalini yoga.

During their research at Vital Force Technology, Kronn and colleagues found that they could capture subtle energy vibrations with a plasma-based generator, which leads to the interesting concept of “bio-plasma”.  Here is the schematic they provide in their book:

What is a plasma-based generator?  The popular ‘plasma balls’ are one example:

What is plasma? Plasma is often called “the fourth state of matter,” along with solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is a heated gas with positively charged particles (ions) and negatively charged particles (electrons).  Bio-plasma is composed of positively and negatively charged particles in an organic matrix, which is found in living organisms in abundance.  Low-temperature plasmas can interact with living cells, and plasma technology may yield new medical therapies, including treatment for cancer (Akter et al., 2021).  Adamski (2011) notes a possible role for bio-plasma in consciousness.

So, there are some interesting ideas in this book:  a subatomic theory of energy healing, and plasma as a carrier for subtle energy in living organisms.


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