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I began this personal blog in 2013 as a chronicle of my experiments to detect and measure the “energies” in energy healing and other related phenomena.  The scientific mechanism underlying energy healing is still unknown, so I look for clues in many diverse areas, including electromagnetic fields, Mind-Body Medicine, exceptional experiences and parapsychology.

So what are the natural healing waves?  The low-frequency magnetic field waves associated with energy healing and other bioenergetic activities which I discovered in 2008 are truly “natural healing waves”.  Here is an early article I wrote describing these waves:

Healing Waves


Margaret Moga, PhD






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  1. When I was 48 yrs. old, I was hospitalized with a large bowel tear and peritonitis. A MRI revealed the tear site as well as a small tumor, the size of a small walnut, attached to my adrenal gland which rested above my right kidney. The surgeon said because the tumor was located in a sterile area it would have to be removed in 3 months. He gave me a scrip order to be repeat the MRI in 3 months to see if it had grown or not.
    For years I had been knowledgeable of various alternative therapies to assist an individual in emotional arrest. The therapatic approach I choose to teach for over 30 yrs. is called Transformational Imagery which addresses emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. I knew that with deep focus attention on the tumor it could be vibrationally healed. I imagined myself becoming the tumor. What followed was a series of questions and answers through a multi-level imagery experience. ie: asking when the tumor begin, how old I was when it begin and what purpose did it serve all these years? I revisited the tumor over the next 3 months and physically released the anger, rage, and deep sadness (sobbing) all of which took many hours.
    When I was done releasing the pain I was aware the tumor had dissolved. I thanked the tumor for protecting my adrenal gland and was grateful it no longer needed to serve me. The area where the tumor resided, I imagined soothing the red area with black healing salve. At the end of three months the MRI revealed there was no tumor present. (I do have documentation of my first and second MRI’s)

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