Know your magnetic field

Recently I gave a talk at the Society for Scientific Exploration Annual Conference in Bloomington, Indiana, titled, Know Your Magnetic Field,

based on healer William Gray’s book, Know Your Magnetic Field.  I had read this book years ago, as I am interested in the magnetic field of the human body.  But after re-reading it, I was struck by how Gray was particularly good at alleviating diseases prevalent in the aging population, such as arthritis and heart disease.  His clients said that they felt “10 years younger” after receiving treatments with him.

What was his secret?  Gray’s energy healing approach was to work on the nerves directly, specifically to “rebuild the nerves, to relax the [nerve] spasms and feed the required energy”, strengthening the body’s magnetic field.  According to Gray, “we are no stronger than our magnetic field”.

Most energy healers I know do not focus energy into the nerves – they are not trained to do so.  Because nerves are easily excitable, imbalance or harm could occur if a healer was not well attuned to a client’s body.  Instead, most healers balance and clear energies from areas of the body, including the chakras, rather than from specific nerves.

Gray, on the other hand, was self-taught and acutely clairsentient, listening to a client’s body until, “when the signal comes”, and he knows what nerves to focus on.  In Born to Heal, Ruth Montgomery’s book about William Gray (Mr. A in the book), Gray describes how he receives inner ‘knowing’ from “The Universal Ring of Wisdom…the Power of Powers”.  According to him, all wisdom and knowledge are stored in the Earth’s protective magnetic ring surrounding the globe, and it is simply a matter of being in tune to receive it.  The Ring, as Gray describes it, sounds to me like Global Consciousness, with all knowledge stored in the Earth’s magnetic field, like magnetic-based memory in a computer.

Psychologists Jim Kepner and Carol DeSanto have created a type of energy healing called, Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW), based on what they have been able to gleam about William Gray’s practice.  On their website, Pathways for Healing, they give a brief summary of NSEW and include the only known photo of William Gray.

In my conference talk, I describe some of his client cases, and delve into recent research related to the body’s magnetic field.  Despite what is said in the popular media, there has been very little scientific research of the body’s magnetic field.  We know that the magnetic field generated by the human body is largely created by synchronous contractions of the heart muscle.  This field is large enough that it can be detected 2 to 2-1/2 feet away from the body.  But there have been no studies of the effects of aging or emotions or the environment on the body’s magnetic field.  Many scientists still think that the body’s magnetic field can only be studied in a heavily shielded environment in a laboratory – not true!  Just like the heart’s EKG, we can monitor the body’s magnetic field in the natural environment.  I would love to do more of this kind of research!  In the meantime, I heartily recommend that you ‘know your magnetic field’ – what strengthens it, what weakens it, and Gray’s book is a good introduction to this subject.