Capturing the light

I recently watched the documentary, Capturing the Light, which is a real-life story about UFO contactee Dorothy Izatt, a housewife in Vancouver, Canada.  In 1971, Izatt started filming UFOs in her backyard with a Super-8 camera.  Over many decades, she accumulated over 30,000 feet of film containing numerous UFO encounters.

The highlight of this film, Capturing the Light, is the camera crew interviewing her sister in the kitchen with the kitchen window in the background, and while they are filming, a UFO appears through the window, recorded on camera.  Lots of fun!  We learn in the film that Izatt has a positive relationship with the UFOs, and ‘knows’ when they will be around, which is when she picks up her camera and starts filming.

What particularly interested me in this documentary are the “flashes of light”, or artifacts, which appear on single frames of her Super-8 film.  Here are a few of the light artifacts seen on Izatt’s film:

These light effects look very similar to psychic photography associated with paranormal mediums and energy healers.  For example, the cover of the book, Psychic Photography by Hans Holzer has similar light effects.

Note the banner at the top of this blog.  The orange ‘squiggles” were created by a medium doing psychic photography.  I chose this image for the banner because years ago I saw a photograph of a Reiki session with multiple healers including Bill Bengston.  Here is the photo:

The light ‘squiggles’ seem to represent the healing energy in this Reiki group.

I think in each of these circumstances – capturing the light in energy healing, around mediums, and associated with UFOs – we are dealing with a similar phenomenon.  ‘Capturing the light’ of these anomalous phenomena seems to be dependent on the psychic abilities of the photographer.  I did  time lapse photography of a gifted healer once while she did a Healing Touch session, but did not see any light ‘squiggles’.  I probably was not in the right state of consciousness or high enough vibration?  I will have to try again.

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