Survey: Becoming a Healer

The Survey: Becoming a Healer asks:  how did you get interested in energy healing?  What sorts of experiences and background led you to be an energy healing practitioner?  Was it a metaphysical or spiritual perspective, influential persons, particular books, or healing experiences of your own or others?

Hands-on healing, spiritual healing, distant healing – have long been part of human culture, spanning thousands of years, yet modern society still considers energy healing to be a “fringe movement” outside the mainstream.  It would help us to understand how and why modern individuals become interested in this type of therapy.

In this anonymous online survey, please share your experiences of becoming a healer.

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As for myself, becoming a healer, I had some unusual healing experiences which opened me to the possibilities of natural or energy healing.  The first experience was related to an autoimmune disorder in graduate school, where I felt such fatigue and tiredness, that I “talked” to my body one day, saying I will give you all the rest you need.  In answer to this thought, I felt a giant knot unwinding in the center of my body – it was a definite physical sensation.  From that point on, my health improved.

In a second, even more dramatic instance, I  was painfully depressed working in a third postdoctoral fellowship, and with nothing to lose, I wrote a spiritual healer in Germany.  Sitting in the lab one day,  I “knew” that this healer wanted me to be happy, and with that thought, I felt a ring (or doughnut) of energy around my midsection.  It was a palpable energy, with felt boundaries, and buoyed my spirits up, so that I could think no depressing thoughts for many weeks.

Later, at an ISSSEEM meeting, I attended a demonstration of Healing Touch, and I could feel the ‘energy’ as the healers did Magnetic Clearing on a volunteer.  At that moment, I thought, “I have to check this out”.  I went home and immediately signed up for a Healing Touch Level 1 workshop.  Completing the 5 step training in Healing Touch was my path to becoming a healer.

Thank you for your participation.

-Margaret Moga, PhD, Indiana University School of Medicine, Terre Haute, IN