Magnetic field waves at Sacred Sites

As I have described elsewhere on this blog, I see a unique magnetic field wave during energy healing and other bioenergetic activities (e.g., tai chi, yawning and focused intent). I have searched the internet to see if anyone else has seen this wave.  Recently, I found that two different researchers who have observed similar magnetic field waves at Sacred Sites.

Benjamin Lonetree, an electrical engineer in Sedona, Arizona, has studied the Sedona vortexes with a fluxgate magnetometer. Unusual experiences have been reported at the Sedona vortexes, and so they are considered natural centers of spiritual transformation. When humans enter an area with a Sedona vortex, they feel either an intense rush of energy or an intensification of any thought or emotion they may be carrying.

Lonetree has found that the Sedona vortexes are areas with magnetic field anomalies. In particular, he has recorded “magnetic field disturbances” which closely resemble the magnetic field waves that I see during Healing Touch. He describes these as non-dipole, spiral magnetic field waves, with inflows and outflows.

Marsha Adams, a researcher with the International Earthlight Alliance, describes a “sacred site signal” she picks up with her magnetometer at Native American sacred sites, at Sedona, and in crop circles. The sacred site signal is similar to the signal recorded by Lonetree. This signal, “starts out small and grows in size while oscillating more and more slowly, stops then reverses to faster oscillations”. Is the signal man-made, she asks? Not likely, as these recordings are done in remote areas.

Here are magnetic field waves (each is a 360 sec window) from my energy healing experiments which are similar to what Lonetree and Adams have recorded (see their webpages for comparison). The first is a “turn-on artifact”, which I think is an intention wave. This wave appears at the beginning of the recording if I look at the magnetometer/probe with a certain degree of emotional energy.

The second wave is from the middle of a Healing Touch session. The wave is very long, and not completely shown in this 360 sec window.

Note that both waves fit the description by Adams, with slowing of the oscillations in the middle of the wave.

Most commercial fluxgate magnetometers (gaussmeters) try to minimize the 60Hz signal by decreasing the response rate, but unfortunately, this also dampens any low-frequency signal (e.g., magnetic field waves at sacred sites). As Lonetree and Adams have demonstrated, there are fluxgate magnetometers (with a fast response rate) on the market that can pick up low-frequency magnetic fields. I hope to purchase one of these fluxgate magnetometers and then test it in my experiments.

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