Fire in the Sky, Red Sky Prophecy

I had a dream in 1999 of fire in the sky, a “red sky”, which felt like a significant future event.  Since then I have searched books and the internet to see if anyone else has had a similar dream or vision.

In the dream, I am standing along a country road, surrounded by farms, somewhere in the Midwestern part of the U.S.  Looking westward, I see fiery clouds, a red glow, high up in the sky.  I sense that this is not good, and whatever this is, it is in the news.

When I woke up, I was puzzled by where I was standing.  Why was I along a country road, in a rural area?  I have spent my entire adult life living in big cities, small cities and suburbs – no rural dwelling of any kind.

Flash forward, 2017:  My brother has just renovated an old farmhouse in central Illinois, adjacent to some investment farm property.  On her deathbed, my mother asked him to keep the property open, not to rent it, and to let me and another sister use the house.  Shortly after arriving at the farmhouse, I suddenly realize that I am standing along the country road in my dream!  This part of the dream has now come true.

Another woman named Iris had a similar dream to mine which she posted on the website, National Dream Center, on 2-10-2015.  She titled the dream, “Enormous Explosion Causes Worldwide Markets to Fall”.  In her dream she is making trades on the stock market.  The markets suddenly begin to fall, the sky darkens, and she looks west (from Chicago), where she sees a massive explosion in the distance.  She knows it is a future event because she is working on a “futuristic” computer in the dream.  In later comments, Iris says that the explosion resembles a volcanic eruption, not a mushroom cloud.

So what can cause the appearance of a fiery sky?  Volcanic eruptions can send smoke and debris up to 28 – 34 miles high, which converts to 150,000 – 180,000 feet in the sky.  With the curvature of the Earth, you would be able to see the eruption column of a very large volcano from 500 miles away.  If it were the Yellowstone Supervolcano, I do not think that you would see the eruption column in central Illinois, as we are talking about 1500 miles away from Yellowstone National Park.  But you might see the fiery sky.

A coronal mass ejection from the sun (i.e. large solar flare) could hit the Earth, causing an “explosion” and fiery plasma to fall from the sky.  It would be most intense in the part of the Earth facing the Sun, where the direct hit occurs.  There would be 1 – 3 days warning before this occurred, so the markets, as in Iris’s dream, could drop before it actually occurred.  Like Iris, this feels to me more like a natural event rather than terrorism or war.

Others have seen fiery clouds and a red sky in dreams and visions.  Preacher David Wilkerson had a vision of, “a new kind of cosmic storm, appearing as a raging fire in the sky, leaving a kind of vapor trail”.

In his book, The Ozawkie Book of the Dead (p. 813), psychologist and biofeedback pioneer Elmer Green was shown, “a line of stratus clouds…a roiling and boiling formation…it would be very destructive…this storm represented a major shift, or danger, or reorientation in human life.”

The artwork on the cover of the book ,“Earth under Fire” by Paul LaViolette, looks like what I saw in the dream – fire in the sky.  As I read this book, I felt a keen sadness, which suddenly lifted when I finished the book.  The sadness was a premonition that something similar to what LaViolette describes will occur.   He presents geological and astronomical evidence that “superwaves” from exploding stars have caused interstellar dust to enter our solar system in the past, leading to large solar flares, rapid melting of glaciers and extreme flooding events.  I go into more detail about this in a previous blog.

11/11/2021:  I have been thinking about this further.  An EMP can cause a red sky.  So can a chemical reaction in the atmosphere.  At a Tea & Consciousness with Penny Kelly, I asked Kelly about the red sky dream that I had had.  She told me about the prophecy of the Red Sky in Tom Brown’s book, The Quest, which was received by a man he calls Grandfather, who was a Lipan Apache.  It is a truly chilling prophecy involving a dangerous chemical reaction in the atmosphere – producing a ‘fire in the sky’.

2/02/2022:  Reading about “rare red auroras”: The presence of red in an Aurora Borealis display is usually associated with a particularly powerful Solar event.  Red auroras were recorded in the late 992 and early 993 CE around the world, e.g., in the Korean Peninsula, Germany, and the Island of Ireland, suggesting the occurrence of an intense geomagnetic storm driven by solar activity.  Evidence supporting this and other historic red auroras can be found in the ice cores obtained from Antarctica and Greenland where large quantities of beryllium-10 and chlorine-36, and spikes in Carbon-14 in tree rings, appear after large solar flares.  The Fire in the Sky which I saw may have been a rare “blood-red aurora”.