Everyday emotional releases

While recording magnetic field (MF) activity during Healing Touch (energy healing), I simultaneously recorded MF activity in a room down the hall where two woman were doing office work for a non-profit foundation.   The work consisted of answering the phone, writing a newsletter, setting up classes, updating a website, and other quiet activities.  I recorded MF activity in this office on three days for approximately 7 hours per day.  On 2 of the 3 days, the MF activity in this room was very quiet with a few low-amplitude oscillations scattered during the day (see figure below).


Each of the lines represents 20 seconds of MF activity, with Minutes in the day-long recording indicated on the right.

On the third day, the MF activity was very different.  High-amplitude MF oscillations began at about 2pm and were sustained through the end of the recording (5pm).  I was shocked.  The MF oscillations looked like a healing session.

I told one of the woman involved that the MF activity was very different and I asked her what had happened.  She laughed, and said that they had talked about how messy their husbands are, leaving clothes and articles strewn about the house, and how frustrating that is, always picking up after them.  They had indulged in “girl-talk”, and they had “vented” or released some of their daily frustration by talking with their sympathetic co-worker.  We all have times when we need to talk to someone.  When the recipient is sympathetic, we feel better and tension is released.  These are examples of everyday emotional releases!


The MF activity in this experiment shows that these everyday emotional releases are bigger and more important than any of us may realize.  They are not just ‘talk’ – they are measurable energetic interactions.  The sustained MF oscillations after this simple, heartfelt conversation reverberated for hours and were evidence that healing had occurred.