What to Name These Magnetic Field Waves?

As readers of this blog know, I have observed a unique magnetic field waveform during bioenergetic activities, such as energy healing and Tai Chi, but also during yawning, Guided Progressive Relaxation and everyday emotional releases. Other researchers have seen a similar wave at Sedona, Arizona ‘energy vortices’ and possibly in haunted houses.   Technically, it may be described as a low-frequency symmetrical chirp wave.   But with such a technical-sounding name, it may be dismissed as an electronic artifact. What to name these magnetic field waves?  What are we dealing with here, actually?

My understanding at this point is that this wave seems to represent a natural charge-discharge process.   The charge-discharge process may clear and reenergize the electromagnetic fields associated with cells and tissues of the body.  The waves may provide organizing information, helping the tissues to reset to normal values and a healthy condition.  Furthermore, the frequencies of the waves appear specific to particular sessions, suggesting that there is information in the waves related to the condition and healing of the client.  So what to name these waves?

One idea is “Zimmerman wave”, based on the early description of this wave by Zimmerman (shown in Oschman, 2010). However, Zimmerman only studied a single healer, did not publish his findings in a scientific journal, and most problematic, he only showed half of the wave – he did not describe the full wave.  In the figure below, A) Zimmerman wave; B) Moga wave.

Are these waves related to the morphogenetic fields of biologist Rupert Sheldrake? According to Sheldrake in his book, Morphic Resonance (2009), morphogenetic fields are responsible for the characteristic form and organization of systems at all levels of complexity, not only in the realm of biology, but also in the realms of chemistry and physics”.  For example, there is a specific morphogenetic field for protons; another for nitrogen atoms; another for water molecules; another for sodium chloride crystals; another for the muscle cells of earthworms; another for the kidneys of sheep; another the whole body of elephants; another for birch trees; and so on.  Morphogenetic fields provide templates for development, and help to maintain forms.

Sheldrake does not think that morphogenetic fields can be measured. He thinks that the fields are spatial and contain information, but do not involve ‘energy’.  Only their actions on systems can be measured.  I think his conclusion is premature.  A form of energy may actually be involved.  And/or, morphogenetic fields may exist in extra-dimensions (greater then 3-D).

I found another possibility in the writings of Mount Wilson astronomer Gustaf Stromberg. In Soul of the Universe (1948) Stromberg proposes the term, genie wave, or plural, genii. The word genie comes from the Latin word genius (spirit), whereas the word gene comes from the Greek word genos (family, race).  The terms genie and genii suggest a relationship with genes, as well as a possible connection to higher, spiritual space-time dimensions.

Like Sheldrake, Stromberg was interested in “organizing fields”, but he thought the fields were actually “waves of organization”, or “living wave systems”. Similar to Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields, Stromberg proposed many types of genii, with some special, and others more general.  For example:  Of the general genii, one determines the general structure of the human organism, another the structure of a dog, another of a larva, another of the butterfly developing from the larva.  Of the special or subordinate genii, one determines the structure and activities of the heart, another the structure of the eye, and so on.

What to name these magnetic field waves?  I lean towards “genie wave” and genii waves, as I suspect that the magnetic field waves that I study may have an effect on biological genes. They are definitely waves, not static fields.  On a few occasions, I have recorded unusually beautiful waves (not shown) when spiritual beings were invited into the healing space, so there may be a “spirit connection” with these waves as well.


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