Intent wave

There was an ad on TV, General Electric (GE), I think, with a man walking down an aisle packed with appliances, lights and electronics on either side. As he turned his head to look at the appliances, the lights and appliances would turn on.  And then another turn of his head, and some more appliances turned on.  All with a glance from him, as he went.  It seemed scientifically plausible to me – this idea of an “intent wave” – the ability of humans to turn on a machine or appliance by gazing at it.

Is there any evidence to support such a possibility? Using an EEG electrode in front of the eye, Ross (2010) found that an electromagnetic signal emerges from the eye, and that it has a greater amplitude than the EEG field emerging through the skull. According to Ross, this signal is large enough to account for the sense of being stared at (Sheldrake, 2003). Furthermore, Ross filed a patent for a “Line of Sight (LOS) electromagnetic beam (EM) detection system”, in other words, a device to detect the signal emitted by human eyes, which could be used to turn on electronics and appliances!

I have experienced something like this with my magnetic field (MF) experiments, where it seems that I am emitting an “intent wave”. When I turn on the magnetometer, I sometimes see a “turn-on artifact” – a wave appearing when I first turn on the device, with echo waves for up to 30 minutes.  Here is an example:

If I am calm and peaceful as I turn on the magnetometer, a few small waves may appear, whereas if I am rushed or hurried as I turn it on, a chain of large, multiple waves appears. So my emotional state determines whether the “turn-on” waves will be large and multiple, or small and short-duration.  Energy from my eyes also seems to be part of the trigger.  I have practiced turning on the magnetometer while turning my head sideways, looking away from the device.  If I am looking away from the meter, and very calm, I can turn on the magnetometer with NO WAVES APPEARING!  So this “turn-on artifact” actually seems to be an intent wave, reflecting my eye energy and emotions, rather than an electronic artifact.

Electromagnetic field researchers are well familiar with turn-on artifacts. When they turn on a magnetic field coil in an experiment, they expect to see such an artifact shortly after they turn it on.  But the artifact they see is a short burst of spikes, not a beautiful symmetrical chirp wave, which I see.

This turn-on, intent wave is similar to the waves in my energy healing experiments, but it is typically of shorter duration and more compact than other waves I record. In the next blog, I will examine a magnetic induction theory of energy healing, which is consistent with this intent wave.

Ross CA (2010) Electrophysiological properties of human ocular extramission. Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine 21 (2): 21-27.

Sheldrake R (2003) The Sense of Being Stared At: And Other Unexplained Powers of the Human Mind. New York, NY: Crown Publishers. Patent number 7,806,527.