The Charter of the Chrysalis as future document

In the many visions of the future reported by seers, I wondered if anyone had seen an important document, like the Declaration of Independence, written in the future?  Maybe we could get a glimpse of this future document, and start writing it now?  Indeed, an important futuristic document is alluded to in Gordon-Michael Scallion’s book, Notes from the Cosmos.

In Chapter 17, The Third Millenium, Scallion describes a dream voyage to The Dome City, a city of the future.  A luminous Guide with him during this vision explains, “Nothing operates through the use of fossil fuels. No pollution is created by any means of energy production.  It is against the Charter of the Chrysalis to do otherwise”.  The Charter of the Chrysalis – a document that will be created in the possible future!

What is a charter?  Charters define the function, rights, obligations or privileges of an organization, in this case, Planet Earth as a whole.  To transition to a peaceful, sustainable future on this planet, we probably need a good, detailed Project Charter.  Project Charters identify the purpose and objective (goal) of the group, define specifically what will be created, outline time-frames or milestones, and then layout team roles and responsibilities.  For example, if we wanted to end use of fossil fuels, we would need to define how we would live without fossil fuels, and mark out the steps to that goal.

Scallion was shown details about the city of the future.  The homes and buildings, dome-shaped structures, “are grown from an organic substance, much in the same way as you would grow a vegetable”.  The shell, or dome, “provides heat and cooling for the interior, and also acts as a collector for solar rays, utilizing a process similar to photosynthesis in plants.”  So, the building structures are living organisms, utilizing solar rays for energy.  Our planetary Charter would include a step where we do research to develop such sustainable dwellings.  All of the kitchen technology seemed to depend on this intrinsic energy source of the dwelling.  Food is contained in bins within a rectangular box, made of the same material as the house.  There are no bottles or containers, for recycling or throwing away.  And the box seems to be keeping the food fresh, perhaps via some sort of vital energy.  So a living building material seems to be key to a better future.  Earth-friendly bioceramic domes are being built now.  Here is a photo from the Pacific domes website:

But we need to determine how to create a living material for our buildings that could harvest solar and other environmental energies.  A beneficial side-effect would be the total ban on harvesting trees for lumber.  Trees would be recognized as sentient beings, and appreciated for their role in maintaining a temperate global climate.

As Scallion is leaving this futuristic society, a child-being tells him, “you have witnessed the most probably reality of what is to be.  There are now in your world – your time – millions of thoughts that are joyful, giving, compassionate, creative, healing, and loving.  These thoughts are now in the process of creating what you have just witnessed.  As your society today thinks, so shall tomorrow become.”

The Charter of the Chrysalis – something to think about and start writing now.